Elevate your digital fitness journey

Help your members get more from their membership with a custom branded mobile app. Use your app to take class bookings. Offer on demand classes and workouts. Manage member goals. Coach members. And more!

Powerful gym membership app

Visiting made easy

Members can use your app to browse and book group fitness classes. And make accessing your club simple with QR code access.

Coach & train members

Let members request and receive workouts from your personal trainers. Workouts and progress can be tracked using your app.

Motivate members

Use your gym management app to engage and motivate members. Members can create and commit to goals via your app.

Stay top of mind for your members

Available for Apple iOS and Android phones, the Xplor Gym member app helps your members get more from their gym membership. Creating loyal, engaged members who stick with you for longer.

Group Fitness Classes

Effortless class bookings

Powered by your gym management software, members can use your app to browse group fitness classes. Within your gym management app, members will see:

  • Class name/type
  • Instructor name
  • Location
  • Start & finish times

Plus, your app will show how many places are remaining. Members can book via your app or join a waitlist if their chosen class is currently full. 

Your app also makes it easy to view and make changes to class bookings.  

Goals & Stats

Motivate members with goals and track progress

Your members and personal trainers can use your gym member app to create and commit to personal goals.  

So, whether a member is looking to build up their strength, train for a fitness event, lose weight, or build healthier habits, your app can be used to drive commitment and motivation. 

Within your app, members can record and track health stats to see how they are progressing towards their goals.


Standout workout experiences 

Satisfying workouts are central to member success at your gym. Help members get more from their visits with the workout features in your app. 

Create and give members access to individual workouts and programmes aligned to typical goals. So, members feel more confident and focused during their visits.  

Members can also use your app to record and save details of their own workouts. During their training session, members can track exercises performed. The simple search functionality make it easy to find hundreds of exercises. And watch videos to see proper form, and record sets, reps, weight, rest etc.  

And let members use your app to request personalised workouts from their personal trainer. Members can talk to their trainer via your app. Plus, members can commit to their next workout, setting a date and adding it to their calendar app automatically. 

On Demand Classes

Flexible workouts from anywhere

Now more than ever, members are looking for flexible ways to workout. Even when they can’t make it to your fitness club.  

Your fitness management app helps members get more value from their gym membership. Even when they are travelling or not able to visit in person. Choose to give members access to a range of on demand workouts and classes through your app. 

Curate videos from YouTube into categories and add to the on demand section of your app. You can even create your videos. So, members can access workouts from their favourite instructors and personal trainers at anytime, anywhere.

Gym Access

Easy, secure entry for members

Stay in control of access to your facilities, with powerful gym attendance app functionality. Choose to let members use your app for contactless entry. 

When visiting your club, members can use your app to generate a dynamic QR code. This code can be scanned for entry. 

As each QR code is unique and valid for a limited time only, you can effectively track visits. And avoid fraudulent access. 

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