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With end-to-end fitness club management software from Xplor Gym, you’ll have all you need to run your business in one place. Our software powers clubs of all shapes and sizes with software, payments, and more.

Intuitive & flexible fitness club management software

Automate mundane tasks

Manage your business using a fitness club management system that's easy-to-use. Plus, enjoy automation-driven features. Less tedious admin, less human error.

Engage members at scale

Give your members more control with self-service technology. And stay in touch using marketing tools that make personalisation and targeting simple.

Motivate & delight members

Help members set and track progress towards their goals with coaching features. All delivered via your custom branded gym member mobile app.

 Best-in-class club management software that puts you in control 

Delight members and keep them coming back, while scaling your fitness business, with the right software. Xplor Gym is future-ready, built on the latest technology with all the features you need to succeed.

Member CRM 

Power better experiences all round

Member expectations matter. Raise the bar with fitness club membership management software that goes way beyond what you’d expect from a fitness CRM

Xplor Gym gives you a live 360˚ view of members – no switching systems. You and your team will have access to everything you need for daily member management and to support your members. 

See member information, payments, attendance, bookings, referrals made, and more, in one place. Brand your software to create a tailored user experience for your team. 

Prospecting & Sales 

Grow your membership base 

Access powerful prospecting tools to support your sales approach. Manage the sales process from your software. Track sales activities. Email prospects. Categorise leads.  

Create automated prospect communication flows that nurture prospects through to becoming a member. Add forms to your website to capture new member leads. 

Joining a health & fitness club should be easy. Let members sign-up when, where and how they want with online joining technology that integrates into your website. If a prospect abandons their online sign up, automatically capture details and follow up. Turning more prospects into members. 


Automatically and seamlessly collect payments

Software with integrated payments means it’s easy to collect membership fees. Set up flexible billing schedules. Create promotional offers. Offer add-on purchases. And take one-off payments. 

Stop chasing overdue and missed payments. Cut time spent answering billing queries. And improve collection rates. With our payments technology and team supporting your business, you’ll be free to focus on running your clubs.  

Plus, get all the payment information you need to serve members. Always up to date. 


Tailor your marketing for stronger connections 

Drive new member signups, engagement, and retention with exceptional communications. Automate all marketing communications within your health club management software. 

Increase prospect and member engagement with timely, relevant, and personalised marketing communications. Email and SMS. Sent straight from your software. No data transfers or switching systems.  

Segment, target, and reach prospects and members at key points in their journey with your business. Create triggers to automatically send the right message at the right time.  

Branded Mobile App and Self-Service 

Give your members convenience  

Make sure every visit meets member expectations. Let members view timetables, book classes, and more online. And reduce time spent taking bookings and on routine admin. 

Give members access to an app with your branding. Your app can be used for bookings, tracking progress towards goals, accessing workouts, and more. 

Choose to offer digital, personalised training plans for members. Member coaching tools let your personal trainers set goals, create custom workouts, and keep in touch with members. 


Get the insights you need without delay 

Quickly make informed decisions with access to the real-time insights you need – across all levels of your business. 

View key metrics fast on your dashboard. Less time spent generating lots of reports, more time spent making decisions. 

Review all sales data in one place. Making it easier to find focus areas for training - such as enquiry handling, conversions, onboarding, and retention. And drive standout member experiences with quick access to member history trends. 

Future-ready tech with standout features 

React to opportunities and scale your business with flexible, cloud-based technology.  

Xplor Gym disrupts the status quo. And brings your business new levels of speed, responsiveness, and simplicity. Achieve operational efficiencies, increase member engagement, and grow your business. 

As a solution that’s trusted by fitness clubs around the world, Xplor Gym brings all the benefits of working with a big business. Reliable technology. Constant innovation. Support to help you scale.  

Plus, you can rely on an experienced team, passionate about helping clubs across New Zealand like yours.  

With rich knowledge of the New Zealand fitness market, we’re here to work in partnership with you. On hand to help with a proactive, dedicated account manager and knowledgeable support team.

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Frequently asked questions

It's a digital solution that makes it easier to manage your business. Common features will include member management, sales tools, scheduling/booking tools, marketing automation, billing, a member mobile app, reporting and more. 

Managing a health & fitness club is rewarding, yet demanding, work. With lots to do, software is there to help. 

With an effective health club management software in place, managing your business will be easier. Plus, you'll be able to deliver experiences that delight your members. Use your software to send personalised email and SMS messages. Create target groups, set triggers, and schedule messages to connect with the right member at the right time.  

Automated billing helps you improve your collection rate without heavy lifting.  

Grow your business, using your software to create new membership packages and offer special promotions. And run member referral programmes to turn your members into advocates. 

Health & fitness club operators use club management software to simplify and automate many daily tasks. An all-in-one health & fitness club management system makes business management easier. 

You can use the software in many ways including: 

  • Tracking and managing memberships 
  • Driving new member sales and sign ups 
  • Scheduling classes
  • Taking bookings
  • Processing payments 
  • Communicating with members 
  • Coaching and motivating members 
  • Retaining members 
  • Reviewing performance with reports & analytics 

Health & fitness club management software streamlines and automates many processes for your business. So, you're free to focus on other aspects of running your business. 

Look for a solution that’s a cloud-based SaaS product. Software as a Service, known as SaaS, is a way of providing software online as a service. Access your software online at any time via a web-browser. No installing and updating software on premises. And that means no need for complex software and hardware management. 

As your health & fitness club business grows you need the right system in place to support you. When you first open you may get by recording important business information and member details in spreadsheets. Or even using pen and paper! That’s not sustainable long-term.  

Health & fitness club management software will help you run your business more efficiently. And keep all your valuable information secure.  

Choosing the right solution is important. There are many out there that focus on just one or a few elements of club management. This will make managing your business harder. When you work with many different providers, you'll usually lose time and gain extra admin. Plus, it's easy for inaccuracies between systems to creep in. At best that means time spent reconciling data and at worse it impacts member experience. 

Pick an all-in-one club management system with integrated payments. With all your information in one place you can: 

  • Get a full 360° view of each member for easier member management. Including membership statuses, payment information, bookings, attendance history, and more. 
  • Easily schedule classes across your business. 
  • Get the insights you need to make impactful decisions at all business levels. 
  • Fully automate membership billing – no more chasing overdue payments. 
  • Drive more new member signups. Create promotions, offer discounts, and accept one-off payments with ease. 
  • Connect with prospects and members at the right time with targeted, personalised email and SMS communications.  
  • Let members access their account online, make bookings, and more. 
  • Help your personal trainers serve and motivate members with in-built coaching capabilities. 
  • Give members access to a branded mobile app to get the most from their membership investment. 

With health & fitness club management software in place, you will be free to focus on other aspects of your business. Why? You and your team will be more efficient and have more time. 

Exactly how much health & fitness club software costs will be determined by the features you need. And by your size and business model. You can expect to choose a package with the features you need. 

To get value for money and avoid overpaying (or paying double) on different solutions, it makes sense to choose an all-in-one club management solution. 

When reviewing the cost of health & fitness club software, look at value as well as price. Value is the usefulness of the solution you pay for; price is the amount you pay. 

Here are some of the ways you can assess the value of health & fitness club management software: 

  • Time saved – the right solution will make it faster to get daily work done and automate many manual tasks. So, you and your team save time. 
  • Sales & retention – look for software that includes prospecting tools and automated referral programmes. So, it’s easier to sign up more new members. Plus, your software should let you automatically identify members at risk of cancelling to help you increase retention. Grow your membership base and increase member lifetime value. 
  • Revenue collected – opting for software with embedded payments and a dedicated contact centre for member payment queries, helps increase collection success rates. 
  • Member experience – savvy members expect a lot from the digital experience you offer. Select software that has an intuitive, brandable digital member self-service app and portal. And that integrates with other solutions to enhance the member experience. So, you create an experience that stands out from the rest. 
  • Flexibility to do business your way – have your software configured to your needs and get the right features for your fitness club. Your software should fit your needs now and into the future. 
  • Support and partnership – choose a software partner who’ll support you throughout the set up and go live period. And into the future, with Australasian-based proactive help and access to timely insights to help you succeed. 

Learn more about measuring the value of health & fitness club management software. 

Whether your health & fitness club business is big or small, simple or complex, moving software should be easy. Choose a health & fitness club management software partner who has an expert projects team to make switching easy. 

Moving should be hassle-free, smooth, and fast. Your software partner should walk you through the whole process.  

Get clear timelines and ensure the project meets your specifications when you choose Xplor Gym. Plus, an experienced Project Manager will be on hand to make sure you go live on time and to your specifications.  

And we’ll import your data. Less work for your team, a smooth experience for your members. 

Xplor Gym stands out from other health & fitness club management systems in these ways: 

  • Member journey – Give members a better experience right from the get-go. With enhanced online joining, self-service options, an easy-to-use app, and advanced member communications. 
  • User interface (UI) & user experience (UX) – Xplor Gym helps you improve accuracy with ultra-modern UX. Plus, straightforward processes, and minimal steps. Get to the right place fast with search functionality. 
  • Prospecting – Access prospecting tools to manage leads and track sales activities. So, you can drive new member sign ups. See where potential members abandon an online membership sign up and automatically follow up. Let prospects register their interest and request a tour, capturing more leads. Use automated, targeted email journeys to nurture prospects. Plus, make it easy for new members to sign up for a membership online and in-club, completely paper free. 
  • Marketing automation – With in-built prospect and member pathways marketing automation technology, Xplor Gym makes engaging members easy. Create, schedule, and send targeted, personalised email and SMS communications using your software. Trigger these when a member meets the right criteria. Plus run one-off campaigns. 
  • Retention – See when a member is at risk of leaving straight in your software. Take action to address retention risks at scale. 
  • Reporting – Get the information you need to run your business fast with a configurable homepage dashboard. And access a comprehensive set of pre-built reports. Make better informed business decisions faster. 
  • Bookings – Booking classes shouldn’t be hard work. Let members book online and via your app with filtering options to find the right class fast. And let members join a waiting list for oversubscribed classes – so they’ll get a place if one becomes available.  
  • Integrated payments – With Xplor Gym you won’t need to work with a separate membership payments provider. That means you’ll see live member billing information in your CRM and payments will always reconcile. No need to switch between systems or spend time resolving differences. Quickly answer member queries and report on business performance.  

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