Think bigger, go further

You need software that works as hard as you do. Software like Xplor Gym. With everything you need to run your business in one place – member management, prospecting, payments, marketing, and much more.

Multi-site & franchise gym management, simplified

Drive growth

Powerful prospecting tools for your sales teams. Set and see sales tasks. Identify hot prospects. Track progress towards sales targets and more.

Grow engagement

Automated retention tracking. In-built marketing automation. A branded member app. And more help you attract and retain more members for longer.

Better franchises

Scale through a franchise model. Create an appealing business proposition. And run your franchise with ease – including franchise royalty management.

Build a multi-site fitness business that stands out for all the right reasons

Scale your fitness business with a software partner that works as hard as you do. Create a member experience that inspires loyalty. And adapt to new trends and changes fast with flexible technology. Get all the features you need to thrive.

Customisable, scalable tech

Differentiated, memorable member experiences

Want to hit ambitious growth targets and expand to even more locations? You need to create memorable member experiences that stand out for all the right reasons. 

Choose cloud-based software with the flexibility to do business your way. Integrate with other technologies to create memorable member experiences for your fitness club chain or franchise. 

Give members access to a mobile app with your brand to book classes and more. When paired with in-built coaching tools, your members can access personalised workouts, communicate with their PT and track progress towards goals. All increasing motivation. 

And take advantage of exceptional levels of speed, responsiveness, and simplicity as you scale your business attracting more members and opening new locations. 

Sales & Prospecting 

Improve sales processes & management 

As you grow and scale, you need effective prospecting tools to support your sales teams. Xplor Gym gives you everything you need to convert more prospects to members directly within your gym management software. 

Capture prospect details through your website and manually. Assign tasks to your team, so no prospect is missed. Track sales activities and conversion likelihood. Quickly measure performance. Create automated prospect nurture flows that increase engagement and push prospects through to conversion. 

Integrate online joining into your website with new members visible straightaway in your gym CRM. And even see where prospects abandon sign ups. So, you can follow up with a timely offer or message to encourage prospects to finish signing up. 

Marketing & communications

Impactful communications at scale

Supercharge new member signups, engagement, and retention with superior communications. All automated and sent straight from your management software. 

With in-built marketing automation functionality, Xplor Gym lets you send marketing and operational email and SMS messages. Build personalised journeys. Set up triggers at key milestones. And hit the right notes every time with personalised messages. 

Segment your prospects and members to build target audiences with common characteristics and interests. Schedule and automatically send tailored, perfectly timed marketing communications. 

Automatically identify when a member is at risk of cancelling and address this before it’s too late. 


Unlock revenue opportunities

Membership payments are an essential source of revenue for your fitness business. Xplor Gym takes the heavy lifting out of billing members, even as you grow. With our technology and team on your side, you’ll save time and improve collection rates. 

Centralised membership payments management makes it easier for franchises to manage royalties. Avoiding non- or delayed payments while ensuring both the franchisor and franchisee receive the correct payment on time. 

Multi-site memberships

Flexible memberships & access across sites

Choose to create memberships with access to one, groups of sites, or all locations.. Plus, you’ll get a view of each member in your software for a truly consistent, smooth experience.  

Manage access across all sites from one place with integrated access control. Based on the permissions you set, members can access all sites using the same method. 

Business intelligence & reporting

Effective decision making

Get the insights you need for reporting and informed decision making at all levels of your fitness business.  

See the metrics that matter most on your dashboard. So, you and your team spend less time generating reports. Freeing and empowering you to make decisions faster. 

Analyse aggregate sales data to identify key areas to focus on for training (enquiry handling, conversions, retention and more). And quickly view member behaviour trends to increase retention and revenue.  

Best-in-class technology for multi-site operators

Want to stand out in today’s competitive landscape? You need to deliver exceptional member experiences, retain the best staff, and to operate with unparalleled efficiency.  

You need a fast and responsive, yet simple, management software platform that disrupts the status quo. Xplor Gym will help you engage more members for longer, keep your team happy, and realise operational efficiencies. 

And you’ll also get a dedicated partner. Our team acts as an extension of yours. We’re here to help you succeed with a dedicated, named account manager. So you get the proactive help and support you need to get the most out of your software.  

Trusted by chains and franchise gyms big and small across globe, Xplor Gym offers all the perks of working with a big business. Reliable, trusted technology. Investment in innovation. Support as you expand. Plus, a knowledgeable Australasian-based team that’s passionate about helping gym businesses like yours. Ready to grow your business without barriers? We’re ready to help.

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